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British holidaymakers choose to vacation in Florida
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British holidaymakers choose to vacation in the United States

British holidaymakers who choose to vacation in the United States this year were pleasantly surprised at how cheap it was due to the weakness of the U.S. dollar. For the most part British tourists were getting close to two dollars for each British pound. Even with the increased cost of gasoline, tourists in the U.S. were able to get pretty good deals. Though air fares are going up and some transatlantic flights may be cut back, it is still possible to take advantage of the weak dollar. If you are planning to book a holiday in the U.S. later this year, keep in mind that the dollar has begun to climb a bit and may continue to do so.

Don't be put off, however. The U.S. continues to be a great holiday destination. There is so much to see and do in the States. Cities from New York to San Francisco offer enormous variety. If it is culture you want, New York has great museums, including the Metropolitan and the MOMA. Broadway's theaters offer something for everybody. Even off-Broadway is a mecca for cutting edge entertainment. Shopping in New York is legendary. From Saks Fifth Avenue to Bloomingdales and Macy's, New York is unparalleled.

On the west coast take your pick. Los Angeles with its movie culture and San Francisco featuring Nob Hill and cable cars and the stunning Bay vistas greet residents and tourists alike. A few miles to the north and you are in the wine country of Napa and Sonoma. Don't overlook what falls between the coasts. The Grand Canyon will take your breath away, as will Monument Valley and the Painted Desert. Nestled in the Sierras is the famed Lake Tahoe. Tahoe is the skiing destination on the west coast, and the view of the lake from the slopes of Heavenly Valley is stunning. In the summer the gondolas ferry tourists to the top of the mountain where they can spend a day or several hours taking on spectacular sights.

Don't forget Las Vegas with its over-the-top casinos and hotels. You can spend days taking in a dizzying array of luxury hotels like the Bellagio and Circus Circus, which features its own amusement park.

Speaking of amusement parks, the two most visited parks in the world are in the U.S.: Disneyland in Anaheim and Disney World in Florida. As always, Disney has new and more exciting attractions in the works at any given time. Whether you stay at a Disney hotel located within the parks or a nearby hotel, the Disney experience is not soon forgotten. If that is your preference, be sure to check out whatever special deals the parks are offering. You may be surprised at how affordable a Disney vacation can be.

Seeing what is on before you visit the US is a breeze these days, not only do travel sites have lots of information but personal experiences are blogged at the most popular blogs for travel.

Though Disney is still the leader of the pack, other Florida amusement parks are worth visiting as well. Universal Studios and MGM Studios both feature Hollywood extravaganzas. You can find yourself in the middle of a Spiderman episode or an Indiana Jones adventure.

The real drawing card for any number of amusement parks are the death-defying roller coasters. With their incredible loops and twists and 360 degree spins, roller coaster rides are the thrill seekers ultimate thrill. Knots Berry Farm in Southern California has some of the best thrill rides going.

The U.S. is such an expansive and diverse experience that just traveling from region to region illustrates this better than anything else. From the Old South to the Yankee Northeast and from the Midwest to the Northwest, the differences are both noticeable and distinct. Regional differences are pretty much defined by geography. The geography within U.S. boundaries runs the gamut from lush green forests to deserts, to endless plains and mountain ranges.

So if you are contemplating a holiday and deciding where to spend it, give the U.S. a good bit of thought. Even with a strengthening dollar it may still be well within your budget. Take out the calculator and do some Internet surfing to get the latest deals in all the areas you find attractive. If you plan ahead and book early, good deals can be had.

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