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Pioneer, Charles Abbe - Sarasota, Florida

Charles Abbe, Pioneer of Sarasota, Florida

Charles E. Abbe moved to Sarasota in 1876 and became the first postmaster of Sarasota, what was then known as "Sara Sota". Abbe was a large landowner who owned a store and a home on Hudson Bayou, present day Selby Gardens location. He purchased 359 acres along the bay at a cost of $1.00 per acre which includes what is now McClellan Park, Southside School, and the Memorial Hospital area. A group of vigalanties were afraid of Abbe selling them out to the land grabbers and murdered him April 17th, 1884. The plot started in the Alfred Bidwell House, 849 Florida Avenue - Sarasota.

1878 - First school: Caroline Abbe (daughter of Charles and Charlotte) opens school in abandoned fishing shack south of Hudson Bayou with about a dozen students the first term.
1891 - Carrie Spencer Abbe is appointed Postmistress of Sarasota. (Served for 31 years.).

Below: Western Union Telegram sent by Nellie Abbe about her father, Charles Murder
Western Union Telegram sent by Nellie Abbe about her father - Charles Murder

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