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Count Ossip de Perelma
Count Ossip di Perelma
Count Ossip di Perelma was a talented artist, and a Russian nobleman, who prior to 1917, painted portraits of the Russian Czars.

In October of 1917, Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Communist Party over-threw the czarist aristocracy through a series of political and social upheavals. Czar Nicholas II abdicated the throne.

Fearing for his life, the Count fled to France where he was admired for his artistic skill. France was in the turmoil of World War I at the time however, so he came to the United States attempting to live the life of an artist.

While in the United States he completed many paintings, some that were displayed in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. He also painted a portrait of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

A number of years after the end of WW I, the Count returned to France only to discover that WW II was fast approaching. Permission to return to the U.S. was not granted, however, until he contacted Roosevelt, who approved his re-entry.

1943 Caricature done by Ossy di Perlma
1943 Caricature done by Ossy di Perlma
While in the U.S. again, he continued painting, traveled widely, and eventually arrived in Sarasota’s artists’ colony in the fall of 1950. A short time later he was stricken with a heart attack and died on November 15, 1950 in the Municipal Hospital, since renamed the Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

His body was removed to Wilfred T. Robarts Funeral Home, where a search was begun for someone to notify and to claim the body. Robarts wrote letters to France and Russia, to consuls, and embassies, and to all whose names appeared in the artist’s effects. There were no responses.

In early October 1956, nearly six years after receiving the Count’s body, Mr. Robarts located the artist’s wife, an American woman he married shortly after returning to the U.S. She was in Florida’s mental institution in Chattahoochee as a result of a brain injury suffered in an auto accident shortly after they were wed.

Wilfred Robarts, known for his many kindnesses, paid for the funeral and arranged for the Reverend Monsignor Charles L. Elsander, rector of St. Martha’s Church to officiate at the services. Mr. Robarts said, "The Count had been with us for so long, we had come to feel close to the friendless old fellow, so we did the very best we could for him."

Count Ossip (Ossy) di Perelma - aka Ossip Perelmanov
189? - Died Nov 15th, 1950 - Sarasota, Florida

Several of Count Ossip di Perelma's oil paintings are at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.
500 Seventeenth Street, N.W.
Washington, DC. 20006-4840

Possible wife:
Parislan M. Perelma
Born: 1885 in Salt Lake City, Utah
Ancestral File Number: NFNJ-KR

A few works by Count Ossip:
The governor Ide, ancient ambassador to Spain from U.S.
Mrs. Reginald de Coven American great writer
President des Etats-Unis Warren G. Harding
L'Inondation - The Innondation in Paris
La coeur de France - the French Heart
The rear admiral at his post, Mr. Roger Wells
Le peintre
Mr. Chaue, the author of "The End of the Chapitre
Salons de Paris

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