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Sarasota, "The Best Place to Live and Work"

Sarasota was the number one city in Employment Review’s "Top 20 Best Places to Live and Work" list, published in 2000, and made it in the top 20 again in 2001. The editorial staff looked at more than 300 cities comparing population, unemployment rates, cost of living and job opportunities for professionals on the move.

In its sixth annual assessment of over 300 cities throughout the United States, Employment Review magazine has selected 20 finalists for America's Best Places to Live and Work. The final rankings and city reviews appeared in the June 2000 issue of Employment Review magazine.

Best Places To Live And Work 2000Employment Review picked its top 20 cities for the annual America's Best Places to Live and Work for 2000. This guide provides professionals with information on the cities with the best employment opportunities. Their staff researched 300 cities, comparing population, unemployment rates, cost of living and job opportunities as some of the deciding factors when narrowing down the list.

A healthy economy, diverse industries and a strong forecasted job growth are what made these cities stand out. New entries to the list include cities that have displayed incredible employment potential, a top-notch quality of life, outstanding educational standards as well as opportunities for companies interested in relocating.

America's Best Places to Live and Work will give today's business professional interested in making a move thorough statistics on the top cities across the country and employers can learn where the ideal places for relocation can be found.

America Best Places to Live and Work 2000 & 2001

1 Sarasota, Florida
2 Austin, Texas
3 Ft. Worth, Texas
4 Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina
5 Salt Lake City, Utah
6 Atlanta, Georgia
7 San Diego, California
8 Denver, Colorado
9 Orlando, Florida
10 Portland, Oregon
11 Provo/Orem, Utah
12 Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
13 Charleston, South Carolina
14 Nashville, Tennessee
15 Lexington, Kentucky
16 Columbia, South Carolina
17 Richmond, Virginia
18 Seattle, Washington
19 Ann Arbor, Michigan
20 Colorado Springs, Colorado
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